The Internet of Plants Interaction Design

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Do I have to water, fertilise, spray or relocate? Plants can now be made to thrive reliably and elegantly. The Wi-Fi plant sensor Koubachi, which resembles a pebble in shape, sits discreetly with the potted plant, but does not hide its essence as an innovative smart device.
The Koubachi plant sensor can be used correctly intuitively.
Smart cookie
The general shape and color emphasis of the light sensor ensure that the device is always planted correctly intuitively, i.e. facing outwards towards the light. There is no need to switch it on.

Premium look and feel
The rounded shape of the measuring tip ensures gentle handling of the sensitive plant roots.

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The Internet of Things will bring with it completely new questions and opportunities for industrial design. This is where the foundations are laid for the creative use of artificial intelligence.

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