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Revolutionary rather than evolutionary progress: DT Swiss launches the Tricon ® wheel system in collaboration with Nose and sets new standards. The optimised stiffness-to-weight ratio offers decisive benefits in competition. The fundamental design innovations clearly characterise the design language and make the wheels instantly recognisable as DT Swiss Tricon ®.
DT Swiss:
DT Swiss:
More torsional rigidity means more precise steering in racing. Critical riding situations can be corrected more quickly.
Open Crowfoot
The spoking pattern with radial and crossed spokes enables ideal lateral stiffness and torque transmission.

Two-Piece Hub
By separating the hub shell and flange, the bearing seats are kept out of tension. This means the bearings run more accurately and last longer.
DT Swiss:
DT Swiss:
DT Swiss:
Radial instead of linear acceleration requires exponentially greater forces. The weight savings on the rim therefore pay off many times over.
Concave Rim Profile
Concave rim flanks counteract the spreading forces generated by tyre pressure and spoke tension.

Enlarged Rim Insert
Large, double-sided support in the back of the rim. This allows the rim to be designed to be airtight and tubeless compatible.

Form-Fitting Nipples
The Torx design of the spoke nipples enables better power transmission of the tool during adjustment.


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Functional advantages that can be experienced in the truest sense of the word and a design language that makes these advantages visible allow for significantly higher retail prices in the amateur cycling sector.

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