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Alpine Luxury on Rails Interior Design

A train journey through the Swiss Alps has never been so luxurious. With the introduction of the Excellence Class, Glacier Express AG has broken new ground and set new standards in luxury tourism. As part of a complete overhaul of the entire rolling stock, Nose has taken the interior design of all classes to a whole new level. The result is a travelling luxury product that makes the journey between St. Moritz and Zermatt an absolute highlight in Swiss tourism.
Glacier Express:
Glacier Express:
Glacier Express:
Glacier Express:
Glacier Express:

Luxury redefined: Alpine motifs and materials in the highest quality of design and craftsmanship. Alpine luxury at its best.

The Finest Materials in Perfect Craftsmanship
A careful selection of fine materials such as walnut, Rheintal quartzite, stainless steel, gold leaf, glass, leather and natural materials, crafted to the highest standards of Swiss craftsmanship, exudes a high degree of luxury.

Swissness through Alpine Themes
Skilful use of alpine themes creates identity. They refer to the Alpine origins of the Glacier Express: as a relief of a mountain silhouette in a finely slatted wooden screen, a mountain panorama in a backlit golden frieze or a mountain flower engraved in wood or metal.

Atmospheric Light
A finely orchestrated lighting concept creates a warm, feel-good atmosphere, just like in a chic, luxury Alpine hotel. Reflectors covered in gold leaf and metal sheets with finely lasered mountain panorama are used to stage the light.
Glacier Express: Table lamp made of sandblasted glass layers seems to be chiselled from glacier ice. They also serve as a stand for the menus.
Glacier Express: Excellence Class seat with elegantly designed control panel, flush with the wood panel for electrical adjustment.
Glacier Express: Excellence Class seat. Headrest cushion with embroidered headrest covers. Elegant fabric with a large pattern sewn into soft, high quality natural leather.
Glacier Express: Hand-tufted carpet with a subtle, specially developed surface pattern offers exclusive lounge comfort.
Glacier Express: Even the clothes hangers were specially designed for this class.
Glacier Express:

Luminous, gold-leaf-covered dome in the bar area with a crown of black sheet metal finely lasered with a mountain panorama. The compass rose is always orientated to the north, making it an eye-catcher even in a spiralling tunnel.
Glacier Express: The labelling of the areas was also designed with attention to detail and implemented in line with tradition.
Glacier Express: The bar counter is covered with a thin layer of Rheintal quartzite. The milled relief is visualised and enlivened by a white strip of light.
Glacier Express: The toilet is also more reminiscent of an elegant hotel than a railway toilet.
Glacier Express: A folding screen made from solid walnut with fine slits and an inlaid mountain silhouette acts as a subtle separation between the bar and seating area.

Cleverly thought-out class differentiation with a consistently higher level of quality.

Glacier Express:
The 2nd class seats are upholstered in black leather and are combined with light-coloured oak wood.
The 1st class seats offer more space thanks to a centre armrest. They are upholstered in beige leather and are combined with darker walnut wood.
The electrically adjustable comfort seats in the Excellence Class are arranged individually, creating a lounge-like experience. They are upholstered in light-coloured and supple leather and sit on a soft, hand-tufted carpet. The tables and walls are also made of fine walnut wood.
View into the 1st Class Carriage
The light-coloured seats are complemented by a slightly darker walnut finish. Together with the dark carpet woven with glacier blue inserts, this creates a dignified and exclusive atmosphere that sets new standards in this class.
Glacier Express:
Glacier Express:
View of the 2nd Class Carriage
The 2nd class was also completely refitted. The specially developed fabric with a large pattern gives each seat an individual touch. Combined with the light oak wood, the result is a bright, friendly atmosphere.
View of the Panoramic Carriage with Coffee Bar
For 1st and 2nd class travellers, there is a spacious panoramic carriage with a direct connection to the kitchen. It offers passionate photographers plenty of space at the window for an unobstructed view and allows all guests to enjoy a cosy stay at the drinks bar.
Glacier Express:

The design is only good if it can be implemented accordingly.

From the First Idea to Extraordinary Results
Extensive know-how is already an advantage in the creative process. Nose develops the visions with exceptional technical expertise and practical experience in implementation. We work closely with our suppliers to develop solutions that make everyone involved proud.
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The journey as a product. With this interior design, the focus was clearly on the travel experience. For me, it's a perfect example of how genuine emotion can be created through the skilful use of colours, motifs and materials. Every passenger will remember their Glacier Express experience.

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