Yumo Smart Mobility:

On-Demand Service for the Last Mile Transportation Design

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The concept for the Yumo Shuttle Bus was developed with the aim of creating an uncomplicated public transport connection for sprawling cities, the urban agglomeration and remote villages. As a self-driving shuttle, it is a central component of a comprehensive mobility concept. For this, Nose delivered a design that is characterised by the high level of practical quality in its production and operation and reliably fits into the digital everyday life of travelers.
During the conception phase, questions regarding the necessary infrastructure and its connection to the concept of service design were examined. In this way, the shuttle bus can be integrated into the digital everyday life of travelers and commuters as a natural part of public transport.
Optimal size
The efficiency of a shuttle service depends on many factors. It depends on the size of the serviced area, the timing of public transport and much more. Thanks to its modular structure, Yumo can be scaled and adapted to any local conditions.

Planning and spontaneity
Being able to reliably plan the shuttle bus usage is necessary. Spontaneous deployment must also be possible at any time. The vehicle needs to allow for easy orientation and offer low-threshold interfaces that allow direct access.

White Label
The shuttle bus should be able to adopt the brand elements of the operator easily. The design therefore avoids striking elements. The outer shell and the interior can be used as a neutral surface for the corporate identity.
Yumo Smart Mobility:
Yumo Smart Mobility:
Yumo Smart Mobility:
The vehicle has been designed to be efficient in its manufacturing and easy in its maintenance, while offering maximum passenger comfort. Its modular design and flexible configuration options allow it to be adapted according to the expected passenger volume.
Structure and Impact
The vehicle can be built from just a few flexible moulded parts. The same components are used for the front and rear sections. Minimal adjustments ensure that the shuttle bus looks completely different from the front than from the rear. This means that the function of the vehicle is clearly understood by passengers and other road users.

Optimum Configuration
The length of the vehicle can be tailored to suit the operator's needs. The electric drives are mounted directly on the wheels, while the batteries and electronics are located under the rear bench seat. This means that the area can be easily resized. This design also ensures a low entry and plenty of space in the passenger compartment.

Efficient Production, Low-Cost Maintenance
Everything unnecessary has been removed. Every element serves the goal of flexible mobility. Smart details ensure practical access to the technical components. Production and maintenance are therefore equally efficient. The Yumo concept therefore lays the foundation for seamless and reliable service.

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For the shuttle bus concept, we combined our know-how from different areas. This enabled us to demonstrate how a self-driving vehicle can be integrated into public transport as part of a digital infrastructure.

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